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With a web hosting, you are renting online space to showcase your brand.  

Different hosting options at INFINEVEX

Shared Hosting – It is the most common form of hosting and very popular among online business providers.  With this several different customers can share a single space on the same server. It is affordable and with pre-configuration they are very user-friendly.

Dedicated Hosting – This is the option when you want to dedicate hosting space just for you. Different options are available like customization, resources and full control of your own space.

VPS Hosting – It provides a dedicated service but at the convenient price point of a shared server. Easy navigation facilities with this hosting are a game changer.

Cloud Hosting – It is the most reliable and secure of all. This hosting option is scalable and offers an unmetered bandwidth.

When looking for a new office place, you first look for a physical location to set up and then sell products. The same rule applies to the digital world you need to set up the digital world for your organization to reach your target audience. While setting this you need files, HTML coding to create the right website. But what would happen if you don’t have an online home, you will just sit on your computer. For the physical presence online we need web hosting.

With a web hosting, you are renting online space to showcase your brand. At Infinevex we help you create your brand visibility online.

Choose your Domain name with Infinevex

Choosing a domain was never easier. We help you with your domain requirements. Get online with a few easy steps.

  1. Choose the extension choice of yours
  2. Select a hosting plan from our wide variety
  3. Then set up your website as per the large base 

Benefits of owning one of your own:

  • Reaching your customers was never easy. Domain names help in easy access to your website
  • Get better brand visibility and a band of exposure to all the search engines.
  • Personalized email addresses are the best way approach to your clients. Gives you an extra edge over the competition.
  • A calculated investment plans. With the right creative domain name, you jet get the right attraction to your business.
  • Access to Free Services with new domain services
  • They just upgrade your presence on the social media platforms and other web arenas
  • The Domain is the key to all your successful system development